Ike and Bolu – Wedding Film Highlight

Jan 27th, 2018

The completion of this video was a feat. After recording the wedding in November, we basked in the glow of a work well done. Then we came down to earth when we plugged the hard drive into the computer to begin editing, and nothing happened. Nothing popped up, no drive recognition, nothing.

Pretty much our hard drive packed up, it packed up, and moved to the nether regions of the earth and was pretty much unreachable. *queue the panic inducing soundtrack* after seeing two different tech specialists we were told we needed – the ultimate pros. In the meantime we had to let Ike and Bolu know what was happening on our end, shout out to Ike and Bolu for being super understanding by the way. After about $3000 spent on recovering about 2TB worth of data, thank you Data Tech Labs. We gladly and tenderly plugged in the new hard drive, began working, and now present to you this video.

Morale of the story; take care of your hard drive and Backup everything, even your backup. seriously.


Joseph – Videographer • Kayo – …was at another event, but still Moral Support!  

Videography: Candor Pictures; Reception Venue:  The Pelazzio; 


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