Elizabeth – Maternity Shoot

Jul 14th, 2018

So this shoot was memorable for us, mainly for me (Kayo), but we’ll get to that later.

We started this shoot at Elizabeth’s place, as usual we created the “studio” space we needed and the necessary staging. Elizabeth already had photo ideas and concepts she wanted to go for, and that made it all the more faster and easier to get the right shot for her.  We always aim to create something memorable, and having clients excited about their shoot and already having ideas can make our job less nebulous. 

Now for the Story –

We moved on to the outside shots and we got to try out some new equipment, which we think turned out well, and we were pretty excited. Now here comes the memorable part for me, while I was setting the lighting for one of the outside looks, I unknowingly stepped on a fire ant pile. While Joseph was firing away, I remembered thinking, “why do my feet feel itchy?” and that’s when Joseph looked at me, ’cause I was over there shifting in discomfort because I thought my feet were just itchy, and I didn’t want to move too much cause I’m balancing the light.

Then he says “oh gosh Kay” and lo! I looked down and I saw my shoes literally covered in fire ants! I got bit so many times I stopped counting after 15 red swollen bumps. My feet were burning, but all I could think of was just continuing the shoot, so I poured a bottle of cold water on my feet, double-triple checked my shoes after Joseph finished smacking the ants out of it, and kept it moving. It took over a month to become bump and scar free, thanks to my no-scratching rule and a lot of anti itch cream. Definitely a memorable shoot. 

Joseph – Main Shooter • Kayo – Lighting and Post Processing 


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